With galleries you can insert multiple photos on a place.

Visual Mode

If you want to add galleries in the Visual Mode you can click on "Gallery" in the right rail. Now you'll go to a screen where you can upload a photo to the gallery. Upload a photo or choose one. At the end you can change the settings of the gallery. You can change for example the size, the position of the gallery, number of columns, space between the photos and you can change the settings for the borders and captions.

Source Mode

You can use the following codes to add galleries in the Source Mode:

<gallery widths="200" position="center" navigation="true">

<gallery widths="200" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" 
captionalign="center" captiontextcolor="#8e8e8e" captionsize="large" 
bordercolor="#8e8e8e" bordersize="medium" navigation="true">


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