Marquee is a feature which allows you to add text to a page which will move from for example the left to the right. Marquee is not supported by all browsers.


Add the codes below to install marquee on your wiki.

Page Code
MediaWiki:InsertMarquee <verbatim>MarqueeOpen</verbatim>$1 <verbatim>MarqueeWidth</verbatim>$2 <verbatim>MarqueeHeight</verbatim>$3 <verbatim>MarqueeDirection</verbatim>$4 <verbatim>MarqueeEndOpen</verbatim>$5 <verbatim>MarqueeClose</verbatim>
MediaWiki:MarqueeOpen <marquee behavior="
MediaWiki:MarqueeWidth " width="
MediaWiki:MarqueeHeight " height="
MediaWiki:MarqueeDirection " direction="
MediaWiki:MarqueeEndOpen ">
MediaWiki:MarqueeClose </marquee>


When you installed it you can use the following code on your wiki:

{{int:InsertMarquee|scroll|100%|20px|left|Text Here}}


scroll 100% 20px left Text Here

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